Interview with former Danish delegate and member of this year’s Young Guide Team: Nadia Agermose Hinrichsen

Nadia (pictured below) is nadia15 years old and is a part of the young guide team for this year’s conference. It is her second conference and she is really looking forward to joining the CEI family once again. First of all we would like to hear how Nadia even heard about CEI: “I heard about CEI during a local event for a lot of schools in Aalborg, including my school. The event was focusing on international collaborations and different international organisations. During the event you could go around to different booths where you could hear about different organisations and environmental initiatives. The so-called Environment Ambassador’s (Aalborg Youth School’s spare time class that focuses on environmental activities) also had a booth and it sounded pretty exciting. I therefore decided to write myself on the list so I could be contacted, since I really wanted to hear more about it.”

Nadia is really looking forward to this year’s conference and we asked her what she is most excited about: “I am really looking forward to meet a lot of new people and learn about their cultures and what they have done to create a sustainable future. I am also looking forward to show everyone our lovely country and city. Another thing that I am excited about is all the exciting projects the participants have made this year, and to see if some of the projects can be adapted to our society.

This year we had the opportunity to choose how we would like to participate in the conference and we asked Nadia why she chose to be a Young Guide: “I chose to be a young guide because I love language and I am looking forward to get challenged on my English and perhaps be better at communicating in general. Apart from that I want to challenge myself and get better at meeting and talking with new people. I also want to help creating a really cool program so everyone has an amazing experience and never will forget this conference.”

There is a lot of work to be done before the conference and we asked Nadia what she believes she can contribute with as a young guide: “I can contribute with a good spirit, engagement and a helping hand when it is needed. I will also try to make sure that everyone have a good time and are feeling welcome and well received.”

Living on light by Diana Fayed

With the growing need for fuel for everyday things like transportation or heat, the need for new energy sources has increased as well.

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark have managed to discover an energy source they call “reverse photosynthesis”. While normal photosynthesis makes plant grow and develop, this process breaks down the plant. By having fungus and bacteria break down old plants as a result of harvesting sun energy from the plants sun catchers in the form of chlorophyll, there is released enough energy in this progress to activate enzymes of micro organisms that begins to break down the cell wall of the plants, which then leaves access to the energy in the plant.

This new discovery could be a part of solving the issue facing greenhouse gasses and the dependency of fossil fuel; simply by mixing fungus enzymes, a natural light source, plant material such as grass and dry wood, and a test tube containing a green formula of chlorophyll found in plants.

Once the energy source gone through the last stage in the process and all the necessary procedures to make sure it is safe, it could essentially reduce our need for fossil fuels. Furthermore the bioethanol extracted in this process could help raise the requirements of how much bioethanol there should be mixed in European petrol. In the United States of America petrol is being mixed with 10 % of bioethanol, while they plan to increase it to 15 % in the near future. By mixing bioethanol in petrol the octane number rises which increases the combustion and decreases the use of fossil fuels.

Interview with former Danish delegate and member of this year’s Young Guide Team: Anne Juel Larsen

We have interviewed Anne Juel Larsen (pictured below). She attended last year’s conference in Portugal and is joining the conference this year as a Young Guide. Firstly we have asked her how she learned about CEI:“I first heard about CEI and the conferences from Sophie, our teacher. She was in charge of a group that focused on cultural event planning. I joined the group and Sophie has been in charge of many of my subsequent activities among Aalborg Youth School since then.”annie

Anne couldn’t be more excited for this year’s conference and we have asked her what she is looking forward to the most: “To host the conference of course! I’m looking forward to show Denmark as a country and Aalborg as the great and green city it is. I think the activities of the conference are going to be exciting and hopefully fun as well. I am also looking forward to showing of our skills at the Cultural evening! There isn’t anything I’m not excited about, really.”

Instead of doing the usual project presentations Anne chose to become a Young Guide at this years conference. We have asked her why she made that choice: “First of all, I adore Aalborg as a city. It is my hometown and I am always willing to show everyone else what a great place this city is. Second of all I truly want to spend as much time with all the participants as possible and the best way of doing that is to be a part of the activities!

As a Young Guide Anne has a lot of responsibilities at the conference and we have asked her how she thinks she can contribute the most: “I think I can contribute with a lot of humor and smiling. Since Aalborg is my hometown I definitely feel that I can contribute with educational knowledge about Aalborg. I am so excited about hosting the conference and put a lot of effort in it to make it unforgettable for all the other delegates.